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Phil Lesh and Friends Live at House Of Blues on 2005-12-10

Topics Live concert

SET 1:
1) Jam>
2) Here Comes Sunshine>
3) Big Railroad Blues
4) Mississippi Half-Step>
5) Jam>
6) Direwolf
7) Broken Arrow>
8) Brown-Eyed Women
9) Loose Lucy

SET 2:
1) Shakedown Street>
2) Jam>
3) New Speedway Boogie>
4) Jam>
5) Candyman
6) Cryptical Envelopment>
7) The Other One>
8) Jam...

1) *Feedback>
2) *Caution>
3) *Feedback>
4) Fire On The Mountain
5) Gimme Shelter
6) E: Donor Rap/Intros
7) U.S. Blues
8) Brokedown Palace

Collection PhilLeshandFriends
Band/Artist Phil Lesh and Friends
Venue House Of Blues
Location Atlantic City, NJ

Source DSBD - Official Release from (CDs mastered by Wizard)


The band:
Phil Lesh, Chris Robinson (vocals, guitar)
Larry Campbell (guitar, mando,violin, ps, etc)
John Molo (drums), Mookie Siegel (keys)
Barry Sless (guitar+pedalsteel)

Mixed and mastered by Wiz
CD covers can be found at
Big thanks to all the mirror sites!

Notes: static bursts at the beginging of d2t06 (Cryptical)... 00:06-00:07..
and then another slight burst at 00:17-00:19.....
These are on the master DSBD source. It was apparently caused by Phil's wireless
bass rig and appears on AUD copies as it came through the PA.
These two spots have been edited to soften the static. No other flaws noted.


Reviewer: Leshtricity - - June 26, 2008
Subject: GD soundboards
Excellent show...first set is fantastic.

In regards to GD soundboards...I hate to tell people because it'll probably get shut down at some point, but just go to the streaming player and RIGHT-CLICK to download a song. It won't download unless it is completely buffered though, so wait until it's done that, then right click, "download song" and enjoy.
Reviewer: cavebears - - March 8, 2007
Subject: First Set - FIVE STARS
Man, the first set on this thing! Outstanding readings of five classic Garcia/Hunter songs. One star for each. Through in Robbie Robertson's Broken Arrow and Big RXR Blues. The playing and song selection are similar to 73/74 first sets.

Set two meanders somewhat, but is still a worthy download
Reviewer: gphishmon - - February 13, 2006
Subject: Great show, streaming @#$%s
I've been streaming this show, and it has become unlistenable due to endless buffering. This never was a problem for me until a few weeks ago. Buffering should NEVER happen with DSL; it's something I thought I'd left behind with my old dial-up connection.

Fortunately, I can download and burn this show, but what about all those GD soundboards?

Anyway, the sound is excellent (don't even bother with the radio streams from philzone unless you must hear the show right after it's been played) and the show is killer. Especially, the Speedway absolutely rocks, and Cryptical through Caution is DANK! (I haven't gotten to Fire yet.)
Reviewer: DeadDave50 - - February 3, 2006
Subject: Thanxs Phil
Nice to see that Phil STILL releases his latest sbd`s.It would be nice to hear some new sbd`s from "other" bands. Those will remain nameless.
Great show as usual from Phil.
Reviewer: vadead - - January 24, 2006
Subject: Thank you for a real good time Phil !!!!
This is a really good example if the ongoing saga that is Phil and Friends!! The pairing didn't impress me that much when I first scanned the tour schedule. I even saw them on 12/2 at the Patriot center and was overall less than impressed, not bad but not great. Alright the second set was far better...anyway. This show, the sound, setlist etc. is far better and the playing, more inspired. Chris Robinson is a nice new dimension to the band. I've heard and read some negatives about him and my opinion is they are wrong. No he's not Jerry or Bobby but I don't want him to be, I believe he stands on his own merits. He brings a difference and freshness to the group just as Warren, Jimmy, Trey et al. did before. Thanks Phil for the board and the choices you make in your "FRIENDS", you once again prove you know more that I do!!!!
Reviewer: ststvnfa - - January 22, 2006
Subject: Awesome show
thank heaven for Phil. i was begging for this release, the show was hot but sound in the HOB is not friendly for tapers, we needed this release Phil, thank you thank you thank you
Reviewer: RipplinstillH20 - - January 18, 2006
Subject: yeeeeee ha finally Phil releases a AC show!!!
Thank you thank you thank you Phil for releasing this show finally!!
This was a magic night that "kicked my ass" per se!
It was awesome from the get go!!
IF you download anyshow from this tour ...make it this one!!!
wish i could rate it 10 stars!! thanks marc pujol for uploading this gem!!
Reviewer: Bzl - - January 17, 2006
Subject: Hallelujah!
I'm SO very psyched about this release! It's a great, great show, and the audience recordings haven't been showing it.
Reviewer: Al White - - January 17, 2006
Subject: A Shore Thing
This is a five star show if ever there was one. With everything coming together for this band in AC, that Saturday night had to be the peak of the Shadow Of The Moon tour. The show had an incredible flow and perhaps the best versions of Fire, Feedback, Caution, RR Blues and The Other One ever. I thought perhaps Phil had jumped the gun releasing 5 good, but not great shows from this run and I never expected a six. This was THE SHOW and Im thrilled our man stepped up to so generously give us this masterpiece to forever enjoy. Thank you Phil!
Reviewer: tivo - - January 17, 2006
Subject: Great Sound Great Show
I have really enjoyed the spacey segways in all of the Phil and Friends shows. The sound is absolutely superb! Nice job sound guys! John Molo is an awesome drummer.

The Gimme Shelter is a nice treat!

Thanks, Phil!
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Phil Lesh and Friends
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Phil Lesh and Friends
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Phil Lesh and Friends
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